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“Your apprehension of my works totally corresponds with their deeper character, their virtuosity and their mental demands and reflects their quintessence. For all the above, thank you and congratulations.” 


"one of the most famous music names, which represent Greek music in the world". 

(comment from his last concert's program as soloist with the United Symphonic Orchestra in Skopje, under the auspices of the United Nations), 5/4/2003


Dino Mastroyiannis belongs to the group of eminent young Greek pianists. He participated last August-September in my master-classes, where he delivered breathtaking performances of works by Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian.”

Roberto Szidon (world-famous Brazilian pianist, (25/10/1992)


“I had the opportunity today to listen and find out through your nice recording, that your technical and musical abilities are absolutely up to an international level.”

Paul Badura-Skoda (world-famous pianist, 14/8/1991)


"Your new interpretation of my Piano Concerto, totally justifies my first impression of your magnificent and inspired approach to my work".

Mikis Theodorakis (world-legendary living Greek composer), Athens 25.7.2003


“Dino Mastroyiannis is a first-class European soloist.”

Angel Shurev (Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Yugoslav F.R., 14/11/1996)


"La tecnica e l’interpretazione del pianista Greco Dino Mastroyiannis sono emerse in una fusione sublime di descrittivismo e transfigurazione lirica."

Gazzetta del Sud (music newspaper), Italy 19/3/2001


“I was deeply touched, because you are young and Greek, and I must say that your Greek spirit of performing was obvious not only in the rhythmic passages but especially in your expressiveness of the melodies”.

Mikis Theodorakis (world-legendary Greek composer, 17/12/2001)


“On the interpretation of D. M., the audience listened the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra of Khachaturian; this piece couldn’t be played by neither, but only by a professional. D.M played this Concerto with great precision and technique, proving a precocious professional vocation, with large expectations on the Piano area.”

Boris Chelaru, Musicologist (newspaper “Gazeta de Sud”, Craiova, Romania, 19/11/1996)


“The Concerto, which was of an extremely difficulty, was performed by a first-class pianist. The perfect quality of the interpretation really touched me. Dinos Mastroyiannis managed to pass into the concert hall his deep artistic sensation; this is one of the main reasons, that I would like to express to him my warmest congratulations.”

Theodore Costin (Conductor, former Artistic Director of the Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra “Oltenia”, Romania; extract of a press-conference for the Skopje Television, 11/1996)


“Working with Dino Mastroyiannis is really a great pleasure, because he is a true musician, very intelligent, and the most important is, that he accepts all our suggestions immediately in a very artistic way.”

Konstantin Ganev (world-famous pianist and pedagogue,15/3/1992)


“Exceptional success remarked the presentation of the virtuoso soloist from Volos, D. M., who precisely amazed with his interpretative ability the public that saw the concert, and for one more time he showed the excellent qualifications he disposes. His theoretic constitution and his persistence to the interpretation of piano works with great difficulties, are components that classifying nowadays D.M. among to the best Greek soloists.”

Yiannis Mougoyiannis (newspaper “Thessalia”, 5/1993)


“Dino Mastroyiannis is an extremely talented pianist”

Galina Pisarenko (world famous Russian soprano, 8/1992)


“Warm clapping for the Symphony Orchestra of Volos and the soloist D. M., the day before yesterday at the Municipal Theater of Volos. At the first part of the concert the orchestra and the soloist presented the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 23 in A Major KV 488 of W. A. Mozart, and really let the audience fascinated. D. M. shined with his “warm” playing, which was unconditionally following the expression of the Concerto, and for one more time managed to elect his great talent.”

Newspaper “Takhydromos”, 13/3/1996


“But the highest moment of the artist was “Humoresque” op. 20 of Schumann. Here Dinos Mastroyiannis rendered in a wonderful way the innumerable alterations of emotions, which the piece of work is swarmed with, and make it so difficult to perform.”

Tassos Seglias (newspaper “Takhydromos”, 12/1990)



performing as a soloist with "Martinu Chamber Orchestra" at the 2nd Volos International Music Festival, Greece

“The maximum part for the concert’s success is owed to the new great talent of Greece, the pianist Dino Mastroyiannis. He managed to impress not only with his rich and many-sided technique but and with his artistic temperament, always combined with the perfect feeling of the rhythm.

Hudobny Zivot (music newspaper), Slovakia 22/4/1998

as a soloist with the Slovak State Philharmonic

“The program of his recital was full of huge difficulties, which he overcame interpreting like another Sviatoslav Richter”

Newspaper “Proti”, 10/1997

as a soloist with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra

Dino Mastroyiannis is a brilliant musician with great future and finesse in his playing. His repertoire contains works, which demand great dexterity and absolute control of consideration. Especially for this concert, he pickets out the 3rd Piano Concerto of Pancho Vladigerov, the world-famous Bulgarian composer. The soloist with remarkable manner and deep expression interpreted the concerto. D.M. has detached marvelous criticisms from musical personalities with international fame.”

comment of the Bulgarian press, included to the program / Vratca, Bulgaria, 20/10/1994)

as a soloist with the Macedonian Philharmonic

“I found out, that your interpretation, and in general your attitude in relation to the orchestra, improves the harmony of instinctive naturalness and the genuine reference with the music.”

George Hadjinikos (international famous pianist, conductor and musicologist; to be mentioned to the 3rd Piano Concerto of Vladigerov, 27/2/1995)


Dino with his teacher, the world-famous Brazilian pianist ROBERTO SZIDON

Dino with his last teacher, the world-famous Brazilian pianist ROBERTO SZIDON


“Dino Mastroyiannis is an amazing pianist with a great technique and great expectations. It is evident, that he disposes a marvelous performing level, such as the interpretation of this Concerto is very rare and difficult.”

Modest Tschikirdan (former Artistic Director and Conductor of the State Philharmonic Orchestra “Oltenia” of Craiova / extrac


“The interpretation of the soloist D.M., a young and so much talented pianist, was at an extremely high level.”

George Fabian (President of the Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra / extract of a review for the newspaper “Nova Makedonia”)



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