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Welcome to the web site of the famous classical concert pianist Dino Mastroyiannis

Dino Mastroyiannis is classified among the most famous contemporary Greek classical concert pianists.

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 Dino Mastroyiannis

Δημιουργία εμβλήματος
"Your apprehension of my works totally corresponds with their deeper character, their virtuosity and their mental demands and reflects their quintessence. For all the above, thank you and congratulations."  MIKIS THEODORAKIS     (4-2-2005)


"One of the most famous music names, which represent Greek music in the world." program comment United Symphonic Orchestra's concert under the auspices of the United Nations (Skopje, 5.4.2003)

..the new great talent of and many-sided technique...artistic temperament...perfect feeling of the rhythm..." Hudobny Zivot (music newspaper), Slovakia 22.4.1998

"Discovering the most secret Mozart..." newspaper "Libertà" (Italy) - 07.11.2006  









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"Your new interpretation of my Piano Concerto, totally justifies my first impression of your magnificent and inspired approach to my work".  

Mikis Theodorakis, world-legendary living Greek composer, Athens 25.7.2003


"...un musicien vrai..."  Konstantin Ganev (world-famous pianist and pedagogue), 15.3.1992

"La tecnica e l’interpretazione del pianista Greco Dino Mastroyiannis sono emerse in una fusione sublime di descrittivismo e transfigurazione lirica."  Gazzetta del Sud (music newspaper), Italy 19.3.2001

“I was deeply touched, because you are young and Greek, and I must say that your Greek spirit of performing was obvious not only in the rhythmic passages but especially in your expressiveness of the melodies”.     Mikis Theodorakis  17.12.2001

"...a first-class European soloist..." Angel Shurev (Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra), 14.11.1996

" amazing pianist...great technique and great expectations..." Modest Tschikirdan (former Artistic Director and Conductor of the State Philharmonic Orchestra “Oltenia”, Romania)










































































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